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help me fix a boo boo and a quick question

Okay some bonehead left a taping knife outside under the porch that still leaks and now it is all rusty. Can I just use a wire brush on this to clean it and what would I put on it to stop it oxidizing? Or does this bonehead have to buy herself a new knife?

In addition, if you are putting up crown mold or cove molding do you still do the finishing at the ceiling I know I need to tape but do you guys finish it out if you are putting up crown or just do the initial tape and imbedding?

Muchas thanks



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On the taping knife....unless your emotionally attached to it....tell 'bonehead' to buy you a new one.....

Of course, you do realize your the only one that has ever done it......I've never done it more than twice.

If you really do want to clean it up....soak it in vinegar for a day...then wash it in your sink....your typical 3M scrubbing sponge you use on dishes will get it pretty clean....but it's going to be pitted...which means it will be harder to keep clean. WD40 to protect it.

As for the taping....I'm curious what the others will say.

If it was me....I would tape and mud....just in case you decide to remove the molding...


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The knife can be saved WD40 and some sand paper. What I would do with the crown is tape and sand not to perfect but so if you ever do decide to take the crown down it wouldn't be hard to finish.
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