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crankcase 10-27-2012 08:47 AM

Hanging and finishing girder truss/joist hanger transition
Planning out hanging a garage ceiling and looking at the following problem. The supported truss joist hangers are down below the girder truss level. Since I'm changing direction of the sheetrock at the girder to run perpendicular to the trusses, I will have a butt joint against a tapered edge and I'm already down at least a 1/8-3/16" from the framing with the hangers. Do I beat the hangers with a 2# hammer and try to get them up flush with the framing then hold the last screws back at least 6" on the supported trusses? The butt edge of rock against the girder truss will have to be screwed off at the girder unless I frame in additional blocking because the trusses are 24" OC. Would I need an expansion joint at the girder truss? It is about a 22' span.

Haven't decided if It will be 5/8" or dense 1/2" rock yet if it matters. Also the ceiling will more than likely be sprayed with popcorn texture as a 1 step finish, but havent ruled out knockdown as it should be to match the house. The ceiling height is 12'

scottktmrider 10-27-2012 11:34 AM

I would take your hammer and just pound it flat.If it still hangs down use shims to feather it down.You can even back cut the edge of the drywall.Dont forget its drywall not rocket science.

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