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Three cheers for the brilliant drywaller who folded sheets in half. If you can get things through the window with a boom truck do the drywall and subflooring at the same time. Sub flooring first. Spread it around to walk on. Drywall next. Put most of it to one side opposite where you will start the flooring. Put down a few rows of flooring then move the drywall on top. Finish the flooring and start the boarding


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Went with the boom truck. al 30 sheets were unloaded in 15 minutes. Absolutely amazing how they manuevered that boom. Using the new ultralight drywall as well. It made it a little easier. Thanks for the advice everyone. Ready to paint tomorrow........
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Glad you got it done.
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for future dyis i have ran into these poblems more than i like but for futher notice if your scuttle hole is already framed out but flooring is not done i would suggest to enlarge the scuttle hole to aloow the sheet rock to go up then you need to measure your head room this will tell you if you got enough room to bring a full sheet up through the hole if you make your scuttle hole 6' by 4'by 332 you can fit up to a 8' piece up innto attic if ceiling is low or extremely picthed then try cutting boards at lower level then passing through scuttle hole remember if you have trouble getting your rock up there you will have trouble getting any larg or bulkey object in there the same save a lot of troubly and time and athought on cutting through your ciling check upstairs closets 1st and see if any are 8' and runn the length of the ciling trusts b4 ever cutting into a room with finished cieling exspecially in ceiling is textured it is almost impossible to match up textures so know your house and plan try to do this kinda destruction in low visible areas a closet ceiling is a lot better than a hole in a fished room if planed out right you will still be able to do most florring giving you a safer working enviroment and preserving the quality of your sheet rock hope this helps future dyi's
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ooooooops that was 32" and the closet doesnt have to be 8' but at least wide enough to send board logways through the cut this however will only let you send up a board 2" shorte than the attics ceiling hight allows the sheetrock will give a little for bending but not a lot b carfull not to over stress sheetrock or you will have a lot of broken board and a ton of tapeing
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Originally Posted by tcleve4911 View Post
We had this problem on a jobsite and the brilliant drywaller scored the back of the drywall and folded it in half.
Got it up into the space and unfolded and hung.
He made his "folds" on stud layout.
I have used this method for getting sheets into closets or around pipes/HVAC ducting. It works very well actually. It even works if you need to get "around" something (let's say, getting a piece of drywall behind a hot water heater in a small closet or something) by cutting a few groves in the back and being able to 'curve' the board around the object and unfold into place.
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if you cut to fit rmember

if you cut the sheet to fit it in some where then fold it back out remeber you just cracked the rock on the back side for every action there is a equal and opposit reaction so you will have to finish the cut on the viewable side or when painting you will see it the pare will bubble back up once wet try to avoid this process if you can trust i have experienced this several times it makes more work and costs you more in mudd
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I have a second story project with the same problem but obviously a shorter height issue. I was wondering if a drywall lift for a ceiling would be sturdy enough to hoist it up 15 feet? Anybody here use one?
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Jared this is an old thread to get your answers would probably be better to start a new thread.


Entering your general location can help with answering a lot of times
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