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chipraynor 10-27-2011 06:48 PM

full drywall job installed, what to look for??
I had a full 2nd floor and attic (new work) installed and a first floor that got skim coated in some areas and a full tray ceiling. My question is we are walking thru the house, tomorrow, to talk about the final draw. I see a lot of spots, that I notice, could be touched up. My question is:

How perfect should the sanding be?

I know primmer and paint will be added and will also hide imperfections but Iím paying for this so I want it done right, I guess is when is asking to much of them, it is done by hand, I know there are going to be imperfections????

What are the steps after there final sanding? As in, do I wipe all the dust off walls with a dry rag, wet rag, ect.. To prep for primmer

what is detailed in pointing up?

How many coats of primmer on new drywall?

Which is the best primmer to use?

Is it worth paying for someone to prime or should I do it.

Should it be sprayed or rolled?

Thanks for your help.

oh'mike 10-27-2011 07:24 PM

O.K.--Sounds like you are doing the painting----

First look over the taping and see if the sander overlooked any spots---if so sand them---

Dust off the walls with a brush and a rag----

Prime with a PVA primer (or what one of the REAL painters suggest)

Look for flaws in the drywall and touch them up--sand the touch ups----prime those spots.

Lightly sand the entire area to knock off any crud that is stuck to the primer---this step makes a big difference in the quality of the final work.

Then coat with two coats of good quality latex paint----I prefer Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams.

Avoid Behr and Valspar as those paints are almost impossible to apply with good results.

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