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franklea 02-09-2013 10:33 AM

DUST CONTROL (white bucket, purple lid)
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His is what has happened when we used mesh ape with this product.

How we fixed it after being insulted by the company rep is, we had to take off all mud, sand and bevel edges, re tape and mud with a "Fast set or Pro set", then finish with this so called latest and greatest "READY TO USE" product. This product only recommends you use the set compounds, doesn't say you "have to". I hope no other DIY's go through this issue as the company and the DIY stores are marketing it wrong.

chrisBC 02-09-2013 03:37 PM

That's right- mesh tape should never be used with any pre-mixed product-always with a setting type hot mud (powder to be mixed). Or else can crack.

Now you know for next time at least, we all learn by making a few mistakes.

princelake 02-09-2013 06:25 PM

yuppp i agreed you need to use a setting compound for atleast the first coat with mesh or that is the result you get. and that dust control stuff isnt a very good product. it lives up to its name, it dries so hard you cant sand it or its like sanding a setting compound. and it bubbles really bad just crappy stuff. i just did a job for a friend and i told him i needed the green for bedding the tape and lafarge rapid coat for coating and he came back with dust control so i tried it and it actually worked pretty good for bedding the tape.but i'll be picking up rapid coat to finish the job.

Gary in WA 02-09-2013 07:25 PM

Bummer, need to read the directions on the bucket/box; "SHEETROCK Midweight All-Purpose Joint Compound, Ready-Mixed, is an easy working and sanding, high-performance joint compound with multiple applications: embedding paper tape; filling, leveling, and finishing gypsum panel joints, fasteners, bead, and trim; skim-coating; and hand-applying simple textures." From:

Also need to read the label on the tape or the info on internet; "SHEETROCK MH TUF-TAPE joint tape is designed for reinforcing joints in manufactured housing wall and ceiling assemblies. It resists shrinking, tearing, stretching, and distortion, and is designed for use with strong, setting-type joint compounds such as SHEETROCK MH Setting Type Joint Compound TUF-SET and SHEETROCK MH Setting Type Joint Compound TUF-SET HES." from;

Or the white mesh; "To finish the joint first coat the tape with SHEETROCK DURABOND® setting-type or one of the SHEETROCK Easy Sand™ lightweight setting-type joint compounds. For smooth, finished joints, use SHEETROCK Easy Sand lightweight setting-type joint compounds or SHEETROCK ready-mixed joint compounds for the second and final coat." From:

Your board end-joints should not line up on one ceiling joist, "5.3 End joints parallel to and on the same side of framing
members shall be staggered between alternate courses of gypsum panel products and from joints on the opposite side of the framing members." From;
PS. Welcome to the forums!

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