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billyg 03-05-2008 08:19 PM

drywall question
I just got through framing and drywalling several arches throughout my home. Now, where the arches' "new" drywall meets the "old" orange peel textured drywall, there is a difference of about 1/8" in wall thickness due to the textured finish on the "old" wall. My question is....How do I tape coat these butt joints where the two walls are uneven?
Should I first sand/scrape down the texture a bit (maybe a couple of inches in on the "old" drywall) to give the tape coat a more even starting point?
Or should I simply just forget the scraping/sanding and just tape coat and feather it out with a thicker coat on the arch (new drywall) side?
I am a fairly handy guy, but I've never applied drywall mud before...Is this a job I should leave for a pro perhaps?
Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

AtlanticWBConst. 03-05-2008 08:52 PM

These areas need to be: Filled in with a 12" knife or trowel of compound.
Allow the area to dry. This need to "bridge" the area that is less than the connected seam. Essentially, you would fill-in the "crevice" portion.

After it dries, scrape or sand the imperfections.

Recoat, with a thinner layer, that extends beyond the 1st coat.

After it dries, scrape or sand the imperfections.

Recoat, with an even thinner layer, that extends beyond the 2nd coat.

After it dries, scrape and sand the imperfections.

Repeat the last step until it is properly blended.

The key point is to blend the area, so that it is not visible to the naked human eye.

Example: If you were to take a 6' or longer level (or straight edge) and place it against any drywalled ceiling or walls, I guarantee, that it will never sit fully "flat".

However, to the naked human eye, you can't see that, and it appears flat thru proper spreading and blending of areas ... and a proper primer and paint application.

bjbatlanta 07-30-2008 02:40 PM

Atlantic pretty much covered the process. That said, you might want to get a pro to do the repair if you've never done any finishing. After you get the area "leveled out", you still have to match the wall texture and blend it in.

buletbob 08-01-2008 09:49 PM

you could try sanding the wider wall with a belt sander to remove the orange peel being careful not to dig into the paper surface then install some flex bead and proceed as what ATLANTIC stated.
you stated that these are arches that you are working on so they need to be beaded. BOB

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