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psubaron 05-20-2011 09:29 AM

Drywall over plaster/lath or Gut and Drywall
Hi I am currently trying to decide whether I am going to demo the plaster and lath on my ceilings or go over the plaster/lath with sheets of drywall. I am already demoing the plaster/lath on the walls of the house. Should I save myself time and a little money demoing the ceiling plaster/lath or do it and replace with drywall? Also if I demo the ceilings the insulation from the attic will also come down and need to be cleaned up then replaced.

Thanks everyone.

polishingpeanut 05-21-2011 03:11 AM

Guide to lath and plaster........
If you already have the mess from the walls you should seriously consider replacing the ceilings too. Unless thay are pristine of course. But even then, will all the other work disturb them......

I wrote a guide to lath and plaster that might help you, if I can unashamedly plug it here without alarming the spam police (although spam is technically unrelated info, I find that forums these days are oversensitive regarding links!) It is just info, there is nothing for sale!

Free how to repair or remove lath and plaster ceilings

CplDevilDog 05-21-2011 06:31 AM

I seem to remember a problem with plaster failing over time and adding it's weight above the drywall. Best to remove it IMO

Also Google Vermiculite Insulation Asbestos before you demo the ceiling. The Images are good to see as well

polishingpeanut 05-21-2011 06:51 AM

Don't forget that replacing the lath and plaster will enable you to work on the wiring in the ceilings and even have those fancy down lights that are difficult to fit into lath and plaster.

At least overboarding using drywall screws is a little better than when we had to use long board nails years ago!

Best get it all out if the house is a 'keeper' though.

dberladyn 05-21-2011 03:36 PM

If it was me I would remove it, but it's going to be a LOT of extra work.

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