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Eva 04-24-2011 01:41 AM

drywall over atypical surfaces
I'm doing some renovations in a commercial building where I need to blow cellulose insulation in the walls.

the building exterior is asbestos shingles and the town is being a pain about disturbing the shingles so were going via the inside of the building to blow in the cellulose.

This means a series of large holes and something for a vapor barrier. My thoughts are since the wall uses dimensional lumber I should be able to get at least an r15 but the inside walls surprised me and half way across the building are plaster over lath and the rest is wire lath with cement.

The wood lath over plaster is cake to drywall over but the cement is a little more complex. I intended to put foil backed 1/2 inch foam board over the walls for a vapor barrier and then drywall over that but am a bit in a quandary over this area where the cement and wire lath are. The foam board would bring my r rating up another 3 and provide a good vapor barrier .

The problem is affixing the foam board and then the drywall. Existing walls also have lead base paint which could then be encapsulated with the foam and drywall but again the manner to affix this seems like it;s going to be a real pain in the tail.

Not looking forward to pre drilling holes for drywall screws.Thoughts anyone ? as I'm wondering what other options besides locating the upright studs and then hoping to hit them through the cement. Tapcons are rather pricey and I don't think a wise choice for affixing sheetrock so I'm grasping in all directions for ideas before I tangle this mess.

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