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cjakins 03-09-2009 05:56 PM

Drywall Mudding Challenge: Seam vs. Tapered Corner
This basic question is for the mudding experts: would you rather tape and mud A) one 4' horizontal seam where two tapered edges meet or B) two corners - one outside and one inside - where tapered edges meet other sheets and run vertically the full height? Which is easiest to conceal and do well?

My first drywall project, and I understand the basic idea of hanging to eliminate the most seams as possible. I have one situation, though, that offers two possible options. A single wall that is exactly 48" wide and not quite 8' tall, so I COULD stand a full sheet upright and eliminate the horizontal seam I'd have by horizontal hanging.

However, this will mean the factory tapered edge ends up both on an outside AND inside corner of the alcove. I've heard that mudding a tapered edge on a corner can be a bear, so would doing two of those be worse to do well than doing one horizontal seam - especially for a first-time mudder?

What the drywall books DON'T tell a person is what the priority list should be in cases like this. The pros of hanging horizontally include stronger walls due to the grain of the drywall and the perpendicular orientation with the studs, but do those pros trump the one con of a seam if a wall can be fully covered with a single sheet standing vertically, even if it means dealing with hard-to-do tapered corners?

Thanks for any insight.

kgphoto 03-09-2009 08:44 PM

It is going to be hard for you any way, so just stand it up.

As someone who does this all the time, I would do them horizontally for all the right reasons and it is easy for me to mud whatever.

Normally stand-ups are on steel studs or walls smaller than 48 so the tapered edges are removed. Steel studs are straighter and flatter so horizontals aren't as important.

yummy mummy 03-09-2009 11:07 PM

I am no expert, but I have taped and mudded A LOT of seams and corners when I taped and mudded my basement reno.

I would definitely go for the 4 foot horizontal seam with tapered edges.
For me, they were easy to do.

Good luck. And basically, if you take your time, you can do either one.

Maintenance 6 03-10-2009 12:41 PM

You'll have to tape and mud the perimeter of the sheet anyway, so you might as well eliminate the extra 4 foot of joint and stand it up.

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