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The story continues

Well its been alot of back and forth with the GC.. but he finally has come around to the fact that there are drywall issues.... I have attached a few more pictures... 99 percent of the wall surfaces have varying degrees of these issues. Of course we have the ceilings too. Of course, now to have the right person with the right method fix it. He has been interviewing drywallers this week, and I will be meeting with each of the finalists as well.

We both need to agree on person and method. Of course result will be the tricky part, and everything needs to be stipulated. That is where its getting tricky for me. The second contract noted to fix all imperfections and roller skim affected areas.

He's decided he doesn't like the fix all imperfections as that means perfect and you can't get perfect--even though he didn't even get to workmanship standards. I have no issue with it. While I see the standards for new drywall, I really haven't found any readily available standards for this type of situation- a problematic install and finish that has lasted a year and a half.

Is there such a thing? Is there standard language/standards that can set forth a quality job once and for all? I equate fix all imperfections and skim coat to a level 5--however the base for level 5 wasn't performed.

Also, will all bad spots be visible after priming? That is when he wants me to approve what's been done. Kind of like the point of no return. If it isn't caught then, then pretty much too bad.

So any ideas or suggestions? Any and all are appreciated.

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I've tried to reply 2x now--but my response just disappears so I don't know if it was sent. I was not happy with the outcome from a seasoned painter who skimcoated and painted. I then hired a guy that does nothing but drywall installation--he used a large floater and applied 2 coats of thin skin coat--but the paint oozed thru in places and now that has to be addressed. He says to let it really dry (weeks) and he will fix on 3rd coat of skimcoat. It does look much better and feels like ice it's so smooth except in the places where the paint caused the bubbling. I am hoping he's right and this will be the fix. His explanation is the wider the float the more chance of "filling" in and it would appear he's right. He said he would replace the drywall if I wanted him to but really thought I would be happy with the multi layers of thin skimcoat. I'll let you know how it turns out once it's finally painted.
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After the walls and ceilings are primed, take a quartz halogen worklight and shine it down the walls at an angle. Imperfections should stick out like a sore thumb. Especially if you do it at night time when it's dark outside. Take a pencil and circle the bad spots if you do check it at night and the gc isn't around.
Mike Hawkins
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Thank you Mike.
Good to know they will be visible at prime. I am so used to trouble shooting a painted surface, I have never done it at the prime stage. Yes, night time is the best. Its amazing what you can see with a light, running it down the wall.

Hopefully we can arrive at a clear cut standard, so everyone is on the same page beginning to end. Never in a million years did I think walls would be the source of so many issues... Hopefully 8th person is the charm
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Good luck scamp..
It sounds like you are on the right track to a good wall.

What paint finish are you going with?


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