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Jpeters1 08-18-2011 11:30 PM

Drywall finish
Our house was built in 1996. Our painted walls have a very fine texture, smaller than any orange peel texture I've seen. Do you think this a very fine texture that has been sprayed on or do you think the walls were smooth and the texture is just from the paint and roller? A difficult question to answer without seeing the walks but I'm still hoping someone will have an idea or historical perspective. The reason I'm asking is we just took down some wallpaper and these walls now need paint. I want all of the walls to look the same. Thanks!

chrisn 08-19-2011 03:52 AM

Hard to say without seeing it but I would hardly think that 1996 makes it historical.

Willie T 08-19-2011 09:09 PM

The smaller the spray nozzle orifice and/or the higher the pressure used to spray, the finer the texture droplets will have been.

Almost impossible to guess, sight unseen, if what you have is from spray or painting tools.

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