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lorigobles 11-30-2012 05:44 PM

drywall dust
how do you clean the wall after sanding drywall , before putting on the next coat of mud?

joecaption 11-30-2012 05:50 PM

Damp rag.
Dry wall finishing done right should only need sanding on the final coat.
After the first and second coat just drag the drywall knife over the seam to knock off the high spots.
Your trying to build it up, why sand it off to just reapply more compound?

funfool 11-30-2012 06:00 PM

Joe is right, I use a 8" knife just for this. Before next coat use the knife to scrape off the ridges and lumps.
Then apply next coat. Is only final coat you sand.

princelake 11-30-2012 06:03 PM

yup no sand just scrap, when you do come to sanding i use a broom and brush the walls and take a dry paint brush to get in the corners and tight spots. then shop vac the floor. then put a damp rag on a pole and do a quick once over on the walls again.

user1007 11-30-2012 06:04 PM

That said and if you did get ridges that need to be sanded in your first coats? Shop vac with a wide floor brush attachment. When vacuuming drywall use bags in the shop vac.

joecaption 11-30-2012 06:11 PM

Shut off HVAC while sanding, have a cheap box fan blowing out a window after the screens remove.

funfool 11-30-2012 06:21 PM

drywall dust is nasty, Sometimes I will prefer to do a 4th coat and zero sanding... depends on surroundings.
Sometime I do 2 heavy coats and sand.
Also depends on what texture is being applied, but always avoid sanding as much as possible.

princelake 11-30-2012 09:37 PM

in homes i set up a containment with plastic on the floors and plastic on the walls that arent being worked on. plastic off hvac and doorways. i set up an air scrubber. i sand roll up the plastic and toss the dust in the trash.

ToolSeeker 12-01-2012 06:14 PM

Depending on the situation Zip poles make a fast and easy containment area.

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