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aarlal 03-27-2010 07:29 AM

hey guys what looks better orangepeel or a light stomping of the cellings and walls.

DangerMouse 03-27-2010 07:34 AM

Hi and welcome to the forum.

This is, of course, a matter of opinion, but I like the 'knockdown' look myself.


Big Bob 03-27-2010 01:52 PM

As DM said it's really personal preferance.

What would be in character for the house?

Be careful not to get things tooooo busy.

Willie T 03-27-2010 04:43 PM

I once made a mistake, and applied Orange Peel to a wall that should have been Knock Down. I went back, and had Knock Down put on right over the Orange Peel.

It turned out so good that I now do this whenever I can get the extra money for it. Really makes a difference.

bjbatlanta 03-28-2010 10:23 AM

Slick finish with flat latex paint looks the best and is the easiest to patch if you ever have the need....

DangerMouse 03-28-2010 10:27 AM

Good point, but hey, I like Willie's idea too!

I'm curious to see the end result, Willie, got any pics?


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