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onegative 04-18-2010 05:42 PM

DIY Advice Seeker - late 1970 seventies knockdown texture
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Good day Folks,

I am seeking advice on some remodeling tasks I am beginning and thought it best to learn from experts on the subject rather than muddling through upon my own.

Problem: Late 1970's knockdown texture needs to be smoothed/skimmed/sanded to adhere to modern standards.

I have attached a couple photo's of the textured wall, one with flash and the other with dim light. I believe the experts will recognize this type of knock down and could provide the best advice on how to approach.

My question is with regard to what would be the best way to end up with a smooth finished?

My thoughts would be to rent a sander that would include a dust collector and simply grind away this texture as far as possible and then come back with a skim coat...

But another thought would be to light sand the finish (completely), knock down any high spots and then skim coat over...

Or would it be best to leave this to a professional to smooth?

And finally if left to a professional what is a fair price for such a job considering about 30 feet of hallway and a 14x12 bedroom?

Not afraid of doing it myself but have never seen or tackled such a situation myself. Any sound advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

bjbatlanta 04-22-2010 08:40 AM

With the wall being painted, it will be hard to sand with much effect. The paper will tend to clog up. You can give it a try, though. Rent a Porter Cable drywall sander/vac system from HD or a rental place. Start with heavy grit paper and see how it does. A couple of skim coats and you should be good to paint. Hard to say what it would cost for a pro to do the work, prices vary widely in different areas.....

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