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OK I tried to stay out of this. First there are not multiple ways to do it right. There are multiple ways to do it, but really only one way to do it right. Please explain how him doing it himself would boost my budget. As far as not knowing how hard it's going to be- no harder than trying to cover it up. Please explain your added liability for doing something the right way. What insurance do you have that prefers formaldehyde soaked paneling over clean updated drywall. Who said doing an inspection in this area would insure anything about the whole house. And your last 2 sentences say a lot. IF you find ANY of those things wrong It's your experience it's better to hide them than fix them. Kind of a hear no evil, see no evil.
Since he was not just going in and tear open the walls to look, he was actually going to do something anyway I personally feel it would be irresponsible to tell him don't look, something may need fixed.
Good Lord any contractor on here could write a book about what they have found in walls that HO have done thinking it's all right. Did all of them cause problems NO. Does that mean they never would NO.


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ToolSeeker, you are dead right on. I'm just a DIY'er, but am very avid, am constantly learning, and want to do it the right way every time. I'm very good at construction, finish carpentry and painting. Do I claim to be as proficient as a professional finish carpenter, absolutely not. But can I make trim, etc. look better in my house than 90% of new homes being thrown up in my current houses price range and the carpenters being used there are not professionals, but paid to do the work fast and bang out work, absolutely I do better work. It's my house, I have time to take pride and what might take someone 1 hour to do, I have the luxury to spend 4 hours. I might spend the time to get something "perfect" when someone else hired would say "close enough". Now this does NOT apply to well skilled and trained professionals. I very much respect their work and abilities, but often times this would exceed my budget. I think this sums it up:

Don't assume every homeowner is an idiot and every contractor is a genius. If a homeowner has skill and ability, there's no reason for him not to take a project as far as he/she can go within their skill level. But depending upon the scope of the project, yes money should be set aside in case a Pro needs to come in.

Let's say I'm drywalling my garage and it takes me 2 weeks to hang, mud and sand. Who cares, it's only the inside of a garage as long as I did everything up to code. Now I get a brilliant idea to put a skylight in, cut a hole and now I go "what the hell did I do", time to call in a Pro OR did the right thing and have one from the start.
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Excellent post I think you hit the nail squarely on the head.
Never stop learning
Know your limits.
Even as a contractor and I will admit I'm 69 years old and still doing it, why because I enjoy it.
Admittedly not as much as I used to. But I still take pride in my work when I can stand back and say "I did that". I hope you get that same feeling when you complete a project.
Good Luck on your project and keep us posted on how it's going.
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Originally Posted by ToolSeeker View Post
First there are not multiple ways to do it right. There are multiple ways to do it, but really only one way to do it right.
Of course, just like there's only one "right" way to install crown


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