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learmoia 06-03-2012 07:17 PM

Basement Drywall over old paneling and 3/4" insulation
The work is done based on the advise I had at the time, but before I finish the room (ceiling tiles) i have a nagging voice in my head to ask if I was led in an OK path before I finish and move on..

To get to the question.. My basement had existing 3/4 rigid foam insulation covered with wood paneling with no signs of mold or moisture damage after 10+ years applied. Working on a model train room (re: residential storage - not designed to be a bedroom count as square footage..) I placed 1/2" drywall over the paneling/insulation at the advise of a fellow model railroader who built houses in the past..

Based on what I have and the info below.. Am I doomed to trouble down the road, or should I be ok in regards to mold and or resale down the road?

Back Story

I purchased a home in Iowa in 2006.. The house is perfect for what I need 2 bedroom , 1 bath, mostly. nice open (semi unfinished) basement.

The basement exterior walls are poured concrete, with 3/4" rigid insulation against the concrete (floor to rafters) furring stripes 16(ish)" on center with paneling mounted on all walls.

When the house was inspected the inspector noted that the paneling was by no means new in 2006.. At least 10 years old (likely more).. The inspector found NO signs of mold, mildew water entry or water damage including no damage to any paneling.

My biggest worry was water damage down the road..

From 2006-2008 everything was fine..

2008 came the central Iowa Flood.. Tons of Rain for several days straight.. river flooded, dike breached - half the town was flooded (up to the gutters on some homes) - 3/4+ of basements in town flooded.

That morning.. I went into the basement expecting to step in a puddle of water...... Nothing... checked all exterior walls.. DRY!.. Checked the floor drains.. Dry except for the water in the trap.. After that, I wasn't worried about flooding..

2008 to 2010 no issues (picked away at a design for creating a model train room.)

2010 - Dry walled exterior walls and framed up & dry walled interior walls.
-- When choosing drywall - I decided - Even though it's in the basement, I got the lower cost standard drywall since its going over another non mold resistant material. So if I do have a moisture problem, it will need to come down anyways, since I'll likely get mold on the paneling behind.


2010-2012 - Slowly made progress - busy with work.. somewhat procrastinating to see if any issues pop up with the exterior drywall.

Today.. getting anxious to finish.. in reading various chat groups, I get mixed opinions on what I did.. But personally I haven't seen/smelled any issues.

Reasearched mold and mildew, found that one of the causes (I can control) is humidity.. checked humidity to find 65% and a dead dehumidifier that I never really used prior.. New 70pint dehumidifier is doing a nice job at keeping the basement at a steady 50% humidity in the summer months..

My main concerns now are:
Based on what has been done, am I in for trouble down the road?
Does the addition of drywall over existing paneling ask for trouble when I resell down the road related to inspection?..

As far as permits go..
Our county website says: As a rule of thumb.. you need a permit if your changing the structural components/design or square footage.
-- I didn't modify any beams, bearing posts or load bearing walls.
-- The area remodeled is not designed to be a family living area/bedroom..

Well? :whistling2:

Thanks a bunch! ~Ian

joecaption 06-03-2012 07:38 PM

Should be fine as long as you did not install it tight to the floor.

learmoia 06-04-2012 07:39 PM

Yes, all the drywall is 1/2 to 3/4" above the floor..

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