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titan7 12-13-2010 10:34 PM

Am I asking too much to get Knock down to match
So I am finishing up the walls for a remodel. We decide on medium knock down. They start spraying at 4 pm its getting dark I question them no problem. Well the texture was much lighter than the test board and the guy helper missed a 1x3 foot section of wall, did not knock it down:furious: Then helper is cleaning up and gouges one of the walls with the knife in his pocket. Next day when it's light, we inspect and the trainee that did the knock down left several blade marks, not small very noticeable in several walls and they missed a 3"x 5" corner of the ceiling.

So, next day they sand down two walls skim coat again and owner reshoots with his hopper and does the KD. Looks great just like the test board but now it does not match the ceiling or a couple other walls. The corner of the ceiling he applied some mud "little blobs" by hand and knocked them down but they appear to uniform is size. He said he can sand the corner again and just hit it with the hopper "small area and knock it down.

So I am asking too much that it's uniform?


bjbatlanta 12-15-2010 10:37 AM

No, you're not asking too much. The contractor should take responsibility to get it the way it's supposed to be even if he has to re-sand the entire area and re-do it. That's why you don't have a "trainee" doing the work unsupervised......

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