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Top 20 Ways to Know Youre a Serious DIY'er

Posted 01-18-2010 at 02:58 AM by faucetman886

Well I have been watching the late night show wars on NBC. I really never thought I could have a career in show business, but they started advertising that they wanted someone to take the Tonight Show slot when Conan Obrien refused.Then I ran across “The Top Ten Ways you know You’re a Hard Core DIY’er” on my favorite DIY blogsite, ArmchairDIY. My thought, immediately, was that I could become a cross between David Letterman and Tim Allen. In real life I wouldn’t even have to act, just add 200lbs to either of them and you’ve got me! When I got through laughing my tool belt (well my truss anyway) off from reading Armchair’s version I immediately fired off a few more.
Here are theirs:
1. You have lost count of the number of times you have stubbed your toe on building materials while making that first trip to the coffee pot in the morning.
2. You never park in your own garage, unless your truck is broke down and you have to fix it.
3. Your bathroom has no base or casing and hasn’t for at least 17 months and you don’t notice, unless your Mother in law mentions it.
4. More than once you have had to brush drywall dust off of your wife before entering a nice restaurant.
5. Mowing your lawn usually involves weed eating around lumber piles.
6. You will gladly spend 6 hours and 20 buck to fix a $7.00 item.
7. That pile of drywall in the basement, you do know it’s older than your youngest child?
8. You have more knowledge of were things are at the hardware store than most people who work there.
9. You have a refrigerator in your shop.
10. You have said,“But honey, when we are ready to sell you will be so glad we did this

To read their entire blog and many more great articles, including why your beer can may be a great tool, check out:

Then there’s my ten:
11. Your significant other keeps relevant trades (plumbers, electricians and the insurance company on speed dial)
12. Your health insurance company no longer covers your trips to the emergency room.
13. You know the entire emergency room staff by first name.
14. The local building code enforcement agent routinely makes surprises inspections on your house.
15. Your nickname amongst friends is “Crash and Burn” (I have one of those)
16. You’ve been shocked so many times while working on electrical projects that you have had to attend a 30 day addiction program for the thrill you get from it.
17. The local plumbers union is organizing a protest in front of your house for next Saturday because the IBEW’s was so successful.
18. You’re neighbors and relatives NEVER ask for advice.
19. Instead of a “Honey Do list” your wife has a “Don’t you dare touch that list”.
20. Your children are still playing with boxes from Christmas because the “Jungle Gym” you built for them has been declared a disaster area by the State. Good news is that if it goes through they may pay you to try again and FEMA will provide you with enough funding that you can retire, thus freeing up your time to go to work for NBC…..WHAT A PLAN!!
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