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How do I find something dropped down the sink?

Posted 05-18-2009 at 06:40 AM by faucetman886

Have you ever dropped something of value down the sink? Your wedding ring? A contact lens? A part of something you are working on or cleaning in the sink? Well all Is not lost. Because of the “P” trap configuration of most sinks the item may not be lost at all but instead is probably caught in the trap just below the drain. The “P” trap is a function of plumbing which traps a water barrier in the drain as to prevent sewer gases from flowing back into the house. It actually isn’t a “P” at all but...
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Putting the 'Custom' in Custom Tile

Posted 05-16-2009 at 05:40 PM by orson

I bought my better half a toilet for Christmas.
I know, that doesn't sound like a particularly good idea in general and, as it turned out, it wasn't. She did, however, very much want the toilet replaced. Of course when it came time to install the new toilet I couln't reconcile myself to the idea of putting a shiny new toilet on an old and unattractive vinyl floor.
Ripping out the vinyl revealed 5/8 inch plywood rotted out around the toilet as well as a toilet flange that was completely...
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Does your faucet have a lifetime warranty?

Posted 05-15-2009 at 09:13 AM by faucetman886

Another thread I ran across this week was from a poster who had a problem with their MOEN brand kitchen single handle faucet. They didn’t know what happened but it had fallen apart and now they were having to do without a kitchen faucet and in a panic. Reference for the whole story. Many kind people jumped to assist in how to go about fixing it because obviously in this day and age none of us can afford to go out and buy a new faucet...
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4-STEP Installation Guide for PEX

Posted 05-12-2009 at 11:13 AM by gtglobe

Whether for potable water, radiant heating systems, or industrial use, installing GTPEX® is always fast and easy.

Here is our unique GTPEX® 4-Step Installation Guide:

1. CUT

Cut the GTPEX® pipe at a 90º angle using the appropriate PEX cutter, such as our GTCut tool.


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Posted 05-11-2009 at 10:20 AM by faucetman886

I recently wrote a blog entitled “Why is my hot water tank leaking?” (POSTED HERE) and at that time I thought I had pretty much covered the basics of what to expect from a malfunctioning Hot water heater. Over this past weekend I ran across a thread here on the discussion group which not only has reminded me of additional dangerous possibilities of a hot water heater malfunction but gives me reason to reemphasize the importance of the T&P valve as well as the need for...
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