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Floor Finishers Crack

Posted 03-12-2017 at 05:39 PM by RickMacKay

Jerry didn't have a plumber's crack, he had a floor finisher's crack. While watching him on his knees scraping old finish from the corner of a floor, I asked him why he didn't hire someone to do that? He stopped, worked himself into an upright position, and said:

"When I lived in LA, I had a small fleet of vans and we were doing jobs all over the city. Half a day in Brentwood, a 4 day gig off Sunset, down into Long Beach, business was great. I just had trouble hiring good help.

"I'm on the 405 one day, it's really hot out, and I get a call from one of my clients. A doctor in Pasadena. He says, 'Jerry, you better get over here right away.'

"'What's up,' I ask?

"'Just get over here,' he says and from the tone in his voice I can tell this not gonna be good.

"I pull up, he's by the front door, and he lets me in and sends me to the back where the pool is. I walk out and there are my guys. They had sanded down the floor that morning and jumped into the pool. There was a fine coat of sawdust, #1 white oak, covering the entire surface of the pool. I had two guys there, one was a big bodybuilder with long blonde hair. He's stretched out in a lounge chair smoking a joint, totally naked. His buddy is laying out next to him. I'm furious, I've never been so mad on the job. I walk up to him and ask him what the hell he thinks he's doing?

"He jumps up and jabs a finger in my chest. He says, 'I'm on my lunch break, so don't f#@$&%! tell me what to do when I'm on my lunch break!'

"'I'm telling you this,' I said. 'You're fired. I'll mail you a check for what I owe you. You've got 5 minutes to get your clothes on and get out of here. Give me the keys to the van, if you are here in 6 minutes I'm calling the cops.' Then I stood back and checked the time while they hustled out of the house, grumbling the whole while."

Jerry patched things up with the Doc, but that was when he started downsizing his business.
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