How to Increase Curb Appeal When Selling a Home

How to Increase Curb Appeal When Selling a Home

Everyone talks about having great curb appeal when selling a home, but what does that mean for the home’s seller? What added investments should you make that won’t waste your time or money?

Curb appeal is all about improving your home’s appearance from the other side of the road and making a great first impression for a prospective buyer. These changes also improve the features of the home itself, but outdoor spaces shouldn’t be neglected when it comes to increasing curb appeal. Here are some ideas.

Replace Your Front Door

The front door is the initial focal point of your home. When it’s older, worn-down or torn-up, the whole home can feel less welcoming to guests and prospective buyers. And when the front door lets the weather in instead of keeping it out, you definitely need a replacement.

Replacing your front door will keep out bad weather while improving the home’s insulation — especially with weather-stripping. When renovating your home, you may get a tax-break for energy-efficiency depending on the qualifying product, including your front door. Check with a tax preparer to find out more.

You should also consider color when choosing a replacement door. Reclaimed or natural woods communicate warmth while a yellow or red door is eye-catching and cheerful.

Replace the Garage Door

A garage door replacement also boosts curb appeal and is considered one of the top remodeling that gets the seller the biggest ROI at resale. Home sellers may expect an average 91.5 percent ROI after replacing the garage door.

Replacing the garage door gives the new homeowner many added benefits, especially when it comes to safety. Garage doors older than 30 years must be replaced for both function and protection, as nine percent of burglaries in the U.S. are accessed through the garage.

Many garages now come with security technology, too. The replacement garage door will also improve the home’s insulation and help save future homeowners on energy bills.

Beautify Outdoor Spaces

Future home-buyers aren’t just looking at the house — they’re also looking at the beauty and maintenance of outdoor spaces. Outdoor spaces are often viewed as an “outdoor living room” where guests like to host big cookouts or relax with a good book. Perhaps a yoga instructor or artist will want an outdoor studio!

Revisit your outdoor spaces with fresh eyes and consider the following tips to beautify your existing outdoor spaces for home-buyers:

· Green the Grass: Is the grass greener on the other side? If your yard has brown patches, it’s time to give your yard some TLC. Homeowners should have a consistent routine for outdoor maintenance, with fertilizing, watering, aerating and mowing conducted regularly.

· Call a Professional Landscaper: You may not have time to do the heavy-duty work that comes with an outdoor makeover. Homeowners looking to sell their property should invest in a professional landscaping service to boost home value and curb appeal with an attractive outdoor space where future owners will want to relax or entertain. The service could build a new walkway, create a labyrinth or improve upon a garden space, while cultivating a thriving lawn.

· Use a Walkway to Draw the Eye: A winding walking creates a line that guides a home-buyer’s eyes along your property. It may wind up a hill to your home or toward a beautiful backyard garden. A walkway makes a great selling point. An attractive idea for a modest home is to line a new walkway with beautiful plants and herbs. New walkways are helpful when winter weather hits and sturdier surfaces prevent falls.

By boosting your home’s curb appeal, you will increase your chances of selling your home quicker, at the desired amount and with a great return on investment. Focus on increasing curb appeal where the eye goes first — the front door, the garage door and outdoor spaces — for the best ROI and then work your way to other remodeling projects if desired. The future homeowner will love their new space!

Scott Huntington is a writer and DIY enthusiast from central Pennsylvania. He enjoys working on his home and garden with his wife and 2 kids. Follow him on Twitter @SMHuntington

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