• Cute small tree house for kids on backyard

    Win Parent of the Year with These Awesome Treehouse Ideas

    A treehouse can be almost anything a child wants it to be, from a frontier fortress to a Robinson Crusoe hideaway. To make your child's treehouse something really special, you have to add the right bells and whistles. Here are a few of the things you might want to include in a treehouse for your children.

  • replace Formica counter

    How to Replace Old Formica Countertops

    The beauty of Formica is that it remains the least expensive alternative to marble or granite countertops. Formica can be resurfaced to brighten it, but severely damaged or stained countertops should be replaced. Luckily, the choices are not what Grandma used to have – this popular laminate is available in a rainbow of modern colors and styles; patterns run from realistic-looking wood to stone.

  • man with saw

    How to Choose Your First Woodworking Project

    If you’re a “newbie,” how do you choose your first woodworking project? Here are some tips to help you decide on an initial project that will help you get your feet wet without being too intimidating.

  • tape

    Tape It Up: Exploring Different Types of Tape

    You might be surprised to learn just how many kinds of tape are available. Tape comes in a huge array of backing types, colors, and sizes. The adhesive properties range from tapes that barely adhere to ones that are extremely difficult to remove at all. Of course, this means that choosing the right tape for the job is essential to doing it right. The tips here will help you in selecting the tape you need and using it correctly.

  • Luxury home theater.

    Designing an Elegant Media Wall

    Designing a unique media wall for your home allows you to use materials you are familiar with or to explore new options in the world of home design. Just imagine what dinner and a movie for the family or a group of friends can be like when you're sitting in front of an elegantly styled media wall that you actually created yourself. Priceless!

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