• Dress Up Your Home

    Beyond Lap Siding: Dress Up Your Home With Shakes, Scales and Shapes

    If you're looking to preserve the appearance of an older home or you're living in a home that has classic features, you may not be satisfied with simply covering its entire surface with basic lap siding.

  • Tiny House

    Is a Tiny House In Your Future?

    So is tiny house living in your future? That's up to you to decide. If the thought of building a brand new house from the ground up (for less than a fortune) or recycling an old shell into a new habitat appeals to you, you could definitely be on your way to tiny house ownership.

  • Remodeling

    Survival Tips for Remodeling with Your Spouse

    Like so many other financial matters, the tension produced during a home remodel is the kind of thing that can easily drive a wedge between mates if they're not careful.

  • Garage Floor

    Proper Preparation for Garage Floor Coatings

    Failure to prep properly means you run the risk of a product failure and an unhappy customer. The importance of this stage of the job cannot be overlooked.

  • Organize

    Getting the Garage Organized with Cabinet Systems

    The spreading popularity of garage makeovers has spawned a variety of wall and floor storage systems for residential garages. While many of these systems originated in commercial kitchens and retail...

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