• Safety

    Gear Up for Safety

    DIY means you're working with the same (or similar) tools and equipment that the pros use, but without the training and guidelines required by the Occupational Safety and Hazards Administration (OSHA).

  • Woodworking Router

    Achieve Special Effects with a Router

    Router bits are a dime a dozen, so much so that there are numerous choices for any woodworking task you might tackle. Each router bit removes wood in a specific pattern that transforms a boring flat edge into a beautiful piece of handmade artwork you can be proud to display.

  • Laundry room

    Space-Saving Laundry Room Features For Your Remodel

    Depending upon the amount of space you have for storage, look for pull-out drawers, a plastic carry-all or cupboards that can accommodate your supplies. You can hang a garment rod somewhere in your laundry room, area or space to hang up clothes to keep them organized as you sort and fold them. These suggestions will help you get the most of your space in your remodel.

  • Paint Appliances

    Repainting Dated Kitchen Appliances

    If the old appliances in your kitchen are looking tired and beat up, there's something you can do about it that won't cost you a fortune. For far less than you would spend on new appliances, you can give your old appliances a new lease on life by repainting them. Repainting your kitchen's appliances is one of the simplest (yet most effective) makeovers you can possibly do in what is typically the hub of a home.

  • Removing Paint from Brick

    Removing Paint from Brick

    At one time, painting over exposed brick was in fashion as a decorating choice. The idea was to have the textured wall, chimney, or fireplace blend in with the rest of the interior space. Now that the design pendulum has swung the other way and more natural textures are once more in vogue, how do you remove paint from brick? Here are the ins and outs of effectively removing the paint and restoring the natural brick hiding beneath both interior and exterior surfaces.

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