• Outdoor Projects for the Whole Family

    Outdoor Projects for the Whole Family

    “Mooooom, Daaaad, I'm booooooored,” is the perpetual cry of children and teenagers stuck at home on a lazy spring or summer day. You can eliminate boredom and improve your outdoor living space in one fell swoop by getting the whole family together for some DIY project fun.

  • clamps

    In Celebration of Clamps

    Everyone needs an extra helping hand now and again – and that's just what clamps do. They offer you a chance to keep one project in one place while you work on something else.

  • Exotic Woods

    Spice Up Your Craft with Exotic Woods

    Exotic woods all have very different “personalities,” and if you’re adventurous, they can help you take your craft from basic to awe-inspiring with just a little bit of work and a small increase in cost.

  • Dress Up Your Home

    Beyond Lap Siding: Dress Up Your Home With Shakes, Scales and Shapes

    If you're looking to preserve the appearance of an older home or you're living in a home that has classic features, you may not be satisfied with simply covering its entire surface with basic lap siding.

  • Tiny House

    Is a Tiny House In Your Future?

    So is tiny house living in your future? That's up to you to decide. If the thought of building a brand new house from the ground up (for less than a fortune) or recycling an old shell into a new habitat appeals to you, you could definitely be on your way to tiny house ownership.

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